GAnSO (Gnome Animation Studio)
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  • 2001/06/01: A bug with the news year in the homepage has ben fixed, have you noticed that we are already in 2001?! ;) Thanks to Christian Schaller, that discovered the bug!
  • 2001/03/27: Migration to gstreamer architecture has been started. It will include also the redesign of the user interface. If you are thinking on creating ganso's filters/codecs I strongly recommend you to use your efforts in making them for gstreamer.
  • 2001/02/13: Soon will start migrating to gstreamer architecture.
  • 2001/02/01: Ganso 0.2.0 is out! New features include file loader plugins that allow (for example) loading of MPEG-1 files through libsmpeg. See ChangeLog for the rest of features added.

GAnSO is a powerful animation studio that lets you create your own videos under the GNOME desktop. It can be extended in a lot of senses with plug-ins, while uses a simplified core. It does image caching to limit the amount of memory used, and allows codecs to be dynamically loaded from plug-ins also.

Click on images to enlarge: concurrent-mini const-alpha-mini const-mini es_codec_config-mini ex_codec_about-mini main-mini newcreation-mini pattern-mini sequential-mini templates-mini
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  • Videos and images contained in filenames are ganso's videos
  • Sequential composition of videos are also videos
  • Concurrent composition of videos are also videos
  • 8 bit alpha channel support
  • Filter support
  • Template support. Allows the creation of some typical schemes.
  • Image cache with a limited number of entries. Should limit the memory used by ganso.
  • Very extensible in several ways trhough plug-ins:
    • Adding more filters
    • Adding more templates
    • Changing default editor for some kinds of streams with your own.
    • Adding more codecs.
    • Adding mode file loaders.
Still to do...
  • Add sound support (I'm still thinking the best way of implementing it...)
  • Implement all the interface functions
  • Really use the MPEG configuration window (now is ignored)
  • Implement more filters! (help needed on this)

There is only one plugin right now (as far as I know), and is distributed as an example with the GAnSO sources, please send me (ryu @ your plug-ins, and I will put them here available for download.

Note that the first two become with GAnSO itself, so they aren't available here for download...
NameFiltersEditorsTemplatesCodecsLoadersRead more...Author
default mpeg codecNoNoNoYesNo---Ruben <ryu @>
sample pluginYesYesYesNoNo--- Ruben <ryu @>
mpeg-1 loaderNoNoNoNoYes---Ruben <ryu @>

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